Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The First Day of School (part 3)... here come the tears

It's been almost a week since Abigail started Kindergarten and I still haven't gotten those pictures up. Maybe it's because I hate it. Yes, I hate the quiet house, the too long, could never do in a year daily to do list, and the ache for both girls.  But I know with time I'll slowly get used to it. (part one is here) (part two is here)

She was nervous and worried at home.

abigail 1

But that worry was mixed with smiles too. There was a bit of chill in the air so she was "trying to keep warm."

Abigail 2

Of course we were all building it up for her.. like some grand vacation to Disney World. Maybe that's why she doesn't want to go to school any more. This morning she was cuddling with me and begging me to let her stay home. Last night pulling her jammie top over her head she said, "it's just not enough of you mommy." I feel just the same way Abigail!

Abigail 3

Abigail 4

Her most natural smile and real happiness is when she is wrapped up in Anna's arms. Love this one!

Abigail 5

Abigail 6

Abigail 7

Abigail 8

Sweet arms around daddy's neck

Abigail 9

Abigail 10

Abigail 11

Yes, we're both faking it!

Abigail 12

Abigail 13

Abigail 14

This is how she looks most mornings now standing in line. Kinda numb with a "really, do I have to go again?" look on her face.

Abigail 15

But she put a smile across her face and gave daddy a wave as she walked in line to Kindergarten without tears.

Abigail 16

Not exactly the look you want to give to the girls in your class that you might want to play with at recess...

Abigail 17

And this is it

Abigail 18

Scott wrapped his arm around me and I walked away and back to the car as quickly as I could.

Later that day I got a delivery with a card that said, "thank you for staying home with our girls."

My pleasure... my pleasure!

flowers 1

flowers 2

flowers 3


  1. oh she looks so beautiful in blue!
    those eyes!!! abigail is so much like me sweet janey. janey would stay home and cuddle with me all day in bed if she could. and she squeezes you so hard you think the life might drain right out of you.:) such sweet tender souls.

    has she found a special friend to play with yet? i remember having to help that along for janey by meeting a new friend at the park after school for some playtime. sometimes seeing a friend outside of school can help break the ice a bit.

    i hope this week has been a little better for you guys. and that you are finding some peace in your "new normal". it will get easier mama!!!

    have a happy day tara

    that to-do list never goes away though does it?:)

    and sweet sweet flowers.
    that scott!!!:)

  2. Tara, you did a wonderful job of capturing that special memory forever! And she looked beautiful on her special day! I promise as hard as it is, it will get easier. I am thinking of you every day! And I agree with you about that to do never goes away, but it does look better with things crossed off! And lastly, what a wonderful, sweet husband! Those flowers...Oh my! Have a great day!

  3. I'm all teary eyed as I remember this was my Kathleen last year and now she is in first grade! Time sure flies by. Your pictures are amazing!
    How sweet of your husband...those flowers are gorgeous.
    I agree about the to-do lists...seems I still don't have enough time to get everything done. Then before I know it they are home from school.
    Have a great week Tara!