Friday, September 28, 2012


(A few fall pictures from long ago mixed in here just for fun)

Around this time every year it seems my neat little 'plan for the school year' sort of feels like it's unraveling. Scott and I carefully chose the 'extras' our girls would be allowed to do. And yes, they do a lot outside of school. We are both okay with 'a lot' outside of school. It means for sure that the TV is hardly on in our house and that when were are home we soak it all in. But, when I scheduled viola, group viola, Irish step, church school, art school, and tennis lessons I wasn't counting on before school fifth grade orchestra and after school Monday school instrument lessons. Some days I feel like it's the straw that broke the camels back. All I can say is thank goodness that I'm still 'home' to be able to handle everything else for our family. I really don't think I could do it any other way.

anna fall 2
(Anna age 2 September)

Still missing my girls during the day. I'm super busy but once in a while I get that ache. Like when I'm in the supermarket shopping and I wish that Abigail was in that cart seat right there with me. Sure, I can go a lot faster with them in school, but I miss their voices.

anna apple pick
(Anna age 4 apple picking)

And then this morning. I was sitting reading books to Abigail outside the auditorium at their school. Anna was having her school lesson (before school). We were frazzled and rushed getting there but I felt oh so blessed to be able to bring Anna that morning, to wait and read to Abigail in the hallway. So glad that I can do that because I'm not working.  Sitting there in the hallway reading fall books to Abigail was wonderful. 

abi hay ride
(Abigail age 5 months pumpkin hay ride)

But the sweet moments are so mixed with the hurried ones, aren't they? When Anna came out I took her viola, handed her her lunch box and reminded her to walk Abigail all the way to her kindergarten room. "Mommy, I have a tummy ache... I have to use the bathroom right now! I have sharp pains" (sorry for the details) But the bell was ringing and Abigail wanted to start walking to her classroom. It happened so fast but somehow Anna said something like, "come on Abigail, I'll walk you and then I'll go after."

I didn't really think about it until I was grocery shopping and then I worried about Anna and her tummy.  I know she's a fourth grader and quite capable but I wished I scooped her up and let her hang out at home with me all day in cozy clothes.  Instead she was taking care of her sister, dealing with an upset tummy, rushing off to class, and holding a million things.  Gee, I'm glad I put a lot of love into that lunch box! 

(Abigail visiting Anna in Kindergarten... the same classroom that Abigail is in today!)

Life is busy;  Life is sweet.  Life is all of that mixed in. It's all good. 

Dinners are all planned out for the weekend.  Looking forward to some good cooking, a stay at home date night with Scott, cuddling with my girls, and lots of family time.  (mixed in with the weekend crazyness too) 

Just some pictures from my purse camera. 



  1. Ok..we really are alike! I do the exact same thing, Tara. After the rush of "everyone out the door with everything they need", I think maybe I should have taken Peyton's temperature because maybe it isn't just a cold. Or maybe Rhett should have stayed home with those allergy eyes.

    I guess that is what makes
    And then I get busy again, and when the phone doesn't ring and the nurse doesn't call and I pick them up safe and sound and they don't even remember not feeling well, then I relax! : )

    Reading fall of my favorite things to do! I used to keep a bag of them in the van when Peyton and Rhett were little and read to them in the pick up line as we waited for Madison. They still remember that little red Halloween bag! I think I will go dig it out for Flynn...

    Yay for having your weekend meals ready! Now sit back and enjoy that beautiful family! Happy Weekend!

  2. ok...can the three of us just get together and move to the same town already!!!:) i have had every single one of those thoughts you describe so well here. sometimes our oldest ones get the "burden" of the littles don't they? i think about that a lot with riley as i ask her to play with aubrey so i can clean up or put her shoes and hat on before we head out. but we are raising future mommies aren't we and they will need those skills!:)
    and the whole "glad to be home" thing. i can't even imagine for a second doing all of this and working full time. i think a part time preschool gig might be all i can handle when i finally do go back!!:)
    hope you have a wonderful weekend tara.

  3. Beautiful pictures! I am grteful too, to be able to stay home and manage everyone. Sure, such a busy schedule but we treasure these times...before you know it...they are off to college. We said good-bye to our oldest in August and he chose the University of Hawaii... so far away. (6 time zones). You have a beautiful family. xo Beth