Thursday, September 13, 2012

It's Sinking In... for Abigail

Day 10 of Kindergarten went something like this.

A snuggle in her bed.  "I don't want to go today mommy."

Me: "You'll love today Abigail.  It's your library day.  You'll go to the library and the teacher will read a story to you." 

Abigail: sigh

We moved on to breakfast, dress on, hair done and all seemed fine. 

I pulled up at the school and instead of hopping out with her sister she just sat in her car seat with this kind of look on her face (this was not today... but looked like today)

abigail 1

Me: "Come on sweet girl.  Let's get your backpack on."

Abigail:  (now silent tears going down her cheeks) "I don't want to go to school."

Me:  "Oh, I think I see a little girl that's in your class.  Let's go catch up to her." 

Abigail:  (now very mad at me for driving her to school and making her go again) "I'm NOT going!"

Me:  "Abigail, do you want to walk down the hill holding my hand or Anna's?
Abigail:  "Carry me?"

Me: "No, let's walk" (trying to sound cheerful and happy about the bright sunny morning)

So Anna, Abigail and I walked down the hill toward the school where they would wait in their lines to start the day.  But then Abigail just stopped walking and refused to take another step.  I coaxed her along a few more steps and then she just stopped again.  This went on and on until we were almost to her Kindergarten line. 

Anna, who at this point was worried about being late to her line gave her little sister a quick hug and kiss and off she went.  Just inches from her line, Abigail refused to budge.  Now crying and giving me those sad eyes said, "I didn't get to give Anna a hug!" 

So I ran Abigail over to the other side of the school where fourth grade lines up and Anna left her line (big steps for Anna) they hugged and then back to the Kindergarten line we went. 

Abigail:  "I don't want to go to school any more.  I miss you."  She added, "I like preschool better.  It's shorter."  (thinking I do too.. but would never say that) 

And then the bell rang.  Her teacher came out and walked her class in.  Abigail had her eyes on me the whole time silently begging me to scoop her up and bring her home. 

Her teacher stopped at the door and gave everyone a high-five.  Abigail just stood there when it was her turn.  She didn't participate in the morning greeting and I know she was crying. 

And so it goes.  She's my little lamb... the one who would stay home with me forever, cuddling and playing.  But I know this will some day pass.  She'll one day be a confident fourth grader who loves school and loves learning.  But this is so hard for her.  One more day Abigail and then it's a three day weekend! 


  1. Oh heart is aching as I read this...I know all too well the sadness in a mommy's heart when her little longs to be with her! It is all so exciting, so new at first, but like you said...its sinking in for your little angel. And you are doing your thing...loving and encouraging and being mommy! Keep it up, Tara! I will think of you in the morning! Have a great weekend! : )

  2. Awww sweet girl! Hope things get better :-)It's a big adjustment.

    I am still taking courses and even though the girl's are in school all day I still feel like the day flies by and I need more hours! LOL

    Have a great weekend!


  3. as soon as i read your title i knew what was "up"! it's that sudden realization they mean i have to do this every day...forever!!!!!:( that is a tough moment for sure. and there is something so hard about trying to "force" your child to go to school and pump them up each and every morning to go and love it when all you really want to do is scoop them up and take them home to play!:) our preschool year was like that for riley. it was tough!! because what we really want is for them to WANT to go on their own. and that just takes time. friendships help, so as soon as she starts to build those things may be easier.
    i know how hard this is tara, but just keep hanging in and doing what your doing...guiding her through it with loving support. this WILL get better.;)
    prayers for you today...let us know how it goes k?

  4. your approach is better than mine. after 2 years of "encouraging" and telling him it will be great, I now just tell him it's okay if he doesn't want to go, but he has to. Gotta be honest, he has been happier since. At least when I'm dropping him off. At night its a different story :)

  5. Oh boy, that is tough for both of you. I had this same issue with my first grader last year. The teacher lent me a book called, "The Kissing Hand." It's about a child not wanting to leave his mommy to go to school. It solved the problem for us. Maybe you'll get just as lucky. Good luck!!


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