Sunday, September 9, 2012

Anna's Adpotion Brunch

I didn't take enough pictures.  Sometimes that happens with me when I'm hosting a gathering.  I get so involved in the people over, the nine year old guest of honor, and the food, that my camera just isn't a priority.  But...


We had a lovely brunch for Anna the Sunday before 'back to school' to celebrate her Adoption Day.  Family came over for yummy quiches, blueberry pancakes, fruit salad, sausage, and more.  We had a buffet in the kitchen and all took our plates outside to eat on the patio.  Lovely. 





After brunch we had Anna release her balloon.  Here is last year.  This year I let her use stationary (to write a letter to her birth mother) that had some weight to it and quite frankly when Scott came home with Anna's balloon this year from the party store it looked a little wimpy. 

So despite this excitement


And this jump



It didn't go far...


Stuck up in the trees it still is. 

And yes, it's on my list of things to do THIS WEEK... pick up a new balloon for Anna to release a letter and a piece of the heavy weight she has to carry in her life. 

While I can't share all that she wrote while crying,  her first line just tore Scott and I up as we sat right next to her writing her letter...

"I miss you." 

Some days I let myself daydream for just a moment about this woman on the other side of the world.  Her pregnant, her fear perhaps, her birth experience, her holding and seeing Anna for the first time, her wrapping her up and putting her down, and walking away forever.  It's raw but it's the truth in my dauthers life.  And it's part of my life too.  Oh how I adore adoption. 

Anna's special friend stopped by that night to bring her these amazing roses.  I love their friendship. 



  1. I am in awe of you as a mother, Tara...your family is blessed. Have a wonderful week!

  2. what a special day for your family. and i think on a day like this forgetting to pick up your camera is a good thing!:) anna is so very blessed!
    have a happy day tara


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