Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Quotes of the Day

I can't tell which one is better so I think I'll write both.

This one is funny.  Abigail on her way to school yesterday, "mommy, don't sign me up for school next time."  (as if it's an extracurricular activity I sign her up for.  I actually said, "okay" just to get through the morning. 

This one is sweet.  Anna this morning (no school today) having a snack with Abigail... Anna was eating a yogurt stick that I froze.  I explained to Abigail that it wasn't a treat or a dessert but that it was yogurt even though it looked like an ice pop.  Abigail said she wanted one and Anna said, "maybe the miracle this family will have won't be the miracle of another baby or a third child but a miracle that one day you won't have your allergies."   I'll take it Anna, I surely will. 


  1. Hi Tara...the first cute! And I do the same thing...say ok just to get through the moment : )

    The second sweet....prayers for both of your miracles, friend. Have a good day!

  2. So sweet! I write mine in a book for them, but I like the idea of sharing on the blog as well :-) Have a wonderful week!


  3. perfect quotes!
    i think i might have said the very same school thing to both girls at some point!!:)
    and i hope ALL your miracles come true!!!:)))))))
    have a happy day tara


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