Monday, October 1, 2012

I am reminded when I upload my pictures that it is in the little things that make their childhood sweet.  Just the way I want it to be for them and for me raising them. 

It was sweet in our fall comfort foods this weekend.  Oh it was Apple Valley Cider Stew, homemade pizza and sauce from Cindy's blog, and simmering soup served in homemade bread bowls. 

It was sweet in the early morning cuddles.


It was sweet in friendship since the orphanage in China 9 years ago.

lily 2
(see Anna's eye?  Is that pink eye?)

lily 1

It is sweet in the impromptu stop at The Pickin Patch for a few minis for our mantles.

pickin 1

pickin 2

pickin 3

pickin 4
(okay, so that was last Wednesday that the girls had off from school)

And it is sweet in the Connecticut landscape changing right before our eyes. 


fall 2

"Fall, leaves, fall;
die flowers, away;
Lengthen night and shorten day
Every leaf speaks bliss to me Fluttering from
the autumn tree." ~ Emily Bronte


  1. What a beautiful post, Tara...I am smiling as I type this! I is the sweet little things that make these fleeting childhood years so special, isn't it? Thanks for the reminder and the beautiful photos as well!

    And I would be fun to have cider together and visit outside on chilly fall evenings! Have a great week friend!

  2. Oh forgot to add...I love the Emily Bronte! Love love love! : )

  3. you made the pizza and sauce...really!?!?!:) dave will be so happy that it added to the sweetness of your weekend!:)
    we are starting to see some peeks of fall color and we love it.
    i love all this sweetness tara
    have a happy night

    and i just have to seem really happy! i can hear it in your "voice" and in your photos. this scary adventure of your baby going off to school is going just fine huh?!:)