Tuesday, February 28, 2017

On Getting In

I have a few posts on this blog that celebrate the days when Anna or Abigail have 'gotten in' to something.  Usually viola related.  It's good for me to celebrate here.  And remember just how I felt.

The things that feel 'big' now will one day seem sweet and small.  I already know I'll look back and say to myself, "oh, I remember when Anna got into inter El... it was such a big deal then."  And I'm not trying to minimize it.  It was a big deal but now looking back it just reminds me of a sweet time our family life.  Here she was finding out that she was getting in (5th grade).

 And (back here) is the post on that special night, the concert.

Things to 'get in' get bigger with each year.  We cheer for first steps, and celebrate that first lost tooth.


And then life moves on.  We celebrate 'graduating' elementary school as if it's the biggest thing in the world.  (I sure did celebrate it like it was the biggest thing in the world back here and here and here)

The bigger that Anna is facing now is high school.  Some of you readers have already 'been there, done that'.  But I haven't yet, so to me it's first steps, and first lost tooth, and first time writing their name...

And this.  Do you remember this audition for Anna?  (back here)  I wrote in that post how proud I was of Anna for her audition.  That day her audition was for the possiblilty of two select high school orchestras.  Solisti and Camerata.  And she got in!  Solisti is in a league of it's own.  And like I said in the audition post, it will be a long shot even by senior year.

But honestly I never ever thought Anna could get into Camerata.  Camerata is a select high school chamber ochestara with students from both high schools in town.

Anna and I went to listen to one of the Camerata concerts this weekend.

weekend 2

They were truly amazing.

weekend 3

almost impossible to capture in a phone... (especially with bad seats)

I am so excited for Anna to be involved in this select group of young adults. It makes going into high school not so scary knowing that you are already part of a daily group. Anna is painfully shy (as in she eats her lunch with a book each day, all three years of middle school... no worries. She likes her books) and already belonging to a group before high school even starts is a big deal for our hearts.

When the email came through I had Anna sit in the viola room and told her there was something I wanted her to read. I didn't record her reaction like I did above. She wasn't a little girl anymore. Just a fine young lady who gave us a big smile and has sunshine in her soul. And we are very very proud.

I love this email and have yet to delete it from my phone.

camerata 1

camerata 2

So getting in, it doesn't always happen. But we are grateful that this time it did.


  1. Anna!
    How very exciting...
    And as a Freshman?
    Oh Tara...
    Wonderful things are coming, aren't they?!

  2. Congratulations Anna!! How exciting! I love when your mom shares vidoes of you playing...I could listen to you all day!

  3. How exciting!! Congratulations to Anna!! I know you are so proud just as you should be. :)