Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Four Day Weekending


It was the most wonderful weekend. Mostly because we had four whole days to play. And play we did! Because our calendar looked like this...


a dream come true I tell you, dreams really do come true. If you make them so. Right friends?

I started off my weekend on Saturday morning vowing to take a ton of photos but I'm looking at my camera and wondering where they all are. I know we did MORE than that! I must have REALLY been enjoying myself because there are certainly not four days worth.

But still I want to remember.

Friday night ~ Grandma B came over to do leggos with Abigail. She was all lit up inside. And this lovely teapot/cup is perfect for solo tea. Although you know I love a tea party, I sure do love some tea time on my one too. I can't wait to try this out.


Saturday ~ I know this is boring to blog but we cleaned the house. Top to bottom. And once it was all clean and pretty again, (this is so good, read slow) Scott said, "I'd like my girls to get dressed up. I'm taking you out." Isn't it romantic? Swoon. When I pressed him for more information (like what to wear) he told me we'd be waited on that they there would be real napkins and white table cloths. (I don't get out very much, can ya tell?) I was happy to get all prettied up.

As a principal he has gift certificates to restaurants, oh so many. And we never ever use them. Here's why: (1) I like being HOME. (2) Eating out is all so complicated with allergies and Abigail.

But he had me at "I'd like my girls to get dressed up, I'm taking you on a date" so we went.


I loved the company. I love the feeling of all of us all around the table. I loved the warm bread that came out. It was such a special lunch. EXCEPT for the fact that I'm never eating out again. It was frightening what happened.

We carry these cards with us. Business cards that we give to the serve to give to the chief concerning Abigail's allergies. And we've never had a problem.


We all got served the most lovely meals and we were all eating happily. Oh sooooo good. Until
Abigail said,"something tastes funny". Scott and I looked at her food which seemed to have something stringy in it. It looked like cheese. We panicked because she had already eaten some. I tried to stay calm but kept thinking... what dumb parents we are, pretending that we can go out to eat like normal people. We don't belong here. On and on my thoughts raced. Scott tasted the meal and now thinks that it was shaved garlic and perhaps not cheese, but we truly don't know. (and since she's not anaphylactic, her reactions take the form of damage to her esophagus. Internal damage.) They made a new meal for her just in case and I was relieved when that was over. Scott remedied the afternoon with some antique browsing.



I looked at these online and was certain SURE I wanted an old vintage toy stove to help my new kitchen look a little vintage~y. But in person, not so much. Now I'm rethinking it again. Good thing we live close.


I came home with one little treasure. I little porcelain doll house stove. Because even though we put in an AMAZING new stove, we actually tried to put in an restored, vintage 1952 Merritt and O'Keeffe stove into our new kitchen. It didn't work with the lay out. So I got this little doll house one. I'm going to add it into my tea table area. And remember how we tried.


Saturday night was date night for Scott and I after bedtime. We ate a yummy snack and watched a silly Hallmark movie.

SUNDAY ~ Mass and the homily was particularly amazing . And I loved being with my family in church.


And since it was 55 and sunny (unheard of for February) Scott washed (inside and out) our cars. Can you see him out there with the hose. Still some piles of snow, but it's melting quickly in all that sunny sunshine.


Now I've lived in Connecticut my whole life, I'm not naive... there WILL be more snow. And I'm a winter girl, I don't mind. But we sure enjoyed the weather!

Sunday afternoon there was pie making and that night we watched a family movie.  It was so much fun to sit in the family room and watch something with the girls, start to finish while they feasted on apple pie.  Such a wonderful night.




MONDAY and TUESDAY found us at home (I know, boring) doing lots of playing.  A bit of organizing clothes too.  It was lovely to not be busy, to finish conversations and thoughts.

We had a lovely tea time Bible Study.



We studied a little of what God says about the topic of stress.


And extra time...


I love that this verse spoke to her and I love that she wrote in her age right there in the Bible.


Time for Bananagrams at the breakfast table.


Extra long nights reading.


Relaxed, happy, and homework free for a few days.


I vote (if there ever was such a vote) for a four day weekend once a month.  It is just was families need!


(with lots of time to mix up all the toys and create what I call "worlds" as big as they want.


Time to paint and be silly.


I hope you're all having a wonderful week!



  1. I agree, four day weekends once a month sound perfect! My girls are off all this week and we are enjoying being home so much I don't want school to ever start back up again ;)

  2. Not boring.
    Not one bit boring.
    In Fact...PERFECT!!!
    I am so happy for all of you.
    And I am happy little Abigail is ok.
    Please tell Anna she is exactly like me.
    Reading in bed is the best!
    Miss and love you all!!!

  3. So scary about Abigail! I'm so happy she is ok!! I remember how scary it was taking
    kathleen out when she was allergic to egg. But I have to agree it's so much better having meals prepared at home :-) Have a great rest of the week!


  4. What a fabulous 4-day weekend! Reading in bed on a day off is at the top of my list of things I love to do. :)


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