Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Last week we had another evening with beautiful music.

I'm trying so hard to not take Anna's music for granted.  I hear it each and every day at home and there are so many concerts it's easy to just go without too much thought.

But one day our house will be quiet.  And there won't be so many concerts on our calendars.

Although I'm quite certain that I won't be dusting her viola when she's gone since it will be a part of her life after she's grown, I want to appreciate it now.

This was Anna's school Pyramid concert.  The best of the orchestras.  A school orchestra by auditon in her middle school.  Beyond beautiful music.


I know that some of the thoughts that run through my head are worries that just take up too much space and shouldn't be there. Like how she doesn't smile.

But I know she loves that she plays.


And how I wish her face would beam with the confidence she should have.


But Scott, Abigail, and I, we sit and beam enough for her and for all of us.

And we are proud.

Last years Pyramid concert is here.

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