Friday, February 10, 2017

Our Home ~ February

kitchen 2

Instead of 'walking you through' our house I thought I'd fill this post with things I find romantic.

Now you must know first I love everything romantic.  A few years ago, a friend asked me to describe my decorating style.  I said "romantic".  I suppose you could through classic in there too.  But even classic furniture is romantic I think too.  

Romance is all the sweet things you find in your day.  Romance is how I see my life, the gifts God has given me.  It's a state of being.  

The sacrament of Marriage is romantic.  Having daughters is romantic.  Watching the birds outside of my kitchen window, even that is romantic.  

And certainly as I type and snow piles and piles up, that's just about the most romantic thing in the whole wide world.  All that pure whiteness, the dark sky, the silence, and windows snow creeping up in the corners... 

So, here is how I Valentined my house this year.  A lot of the same, a bit of new, and I love it allllll.  

I'll start with the girls bedrooms and work my way through the house.  Here goes...

our house in February and things I find romantic

this song 

bedrooms 1

holding hands... my hand in his (better than anything in the world.... brings me right back to high school and college but better with age) and my hand in little girl hands... just crossing the street... now that's romantic

bedrooms 2

flowers (even from the grocery store) when he walks in with flowers I don't care what they are, it's romantic

bedrooms 3

candles, music, little girl giggles

bedrooms 4

handwritten letters, but even when he texts and thanks me for keeping our life in order and our house so clean... I'll take that as romantic.

bedrooms 5

Mooshey beds... down comforters, crisp sheets (changed all the time)... cozy books, hot tea, dark outside, that's romantic

bedrooms 6

breakfast in bed... oh boy is that ever romantic (especially when it's for your little girls.  oh how they adore that sweetness)

bedrooms 7

When Abigail comes in our bed when she wakes up in the morning on weekends.  Oh how that is ever romantic, yummy, delightful, reminding me of baby days

bedrooms 8

when he texts me a song, coming home on a Friday, his face coming in the kitchen after a whole day gone

bedrooms 9

wallpaper... we currently don't have any but I think flowered wallpaper is romantic... my childhood bedroom had flowered wallpaper and the flowers were little hearts... swoon... and our first married house that looked just like a dollhouse had flowered wallpaper in the dining room

bedrooms 10

autumn in New England... that's romantic

bedrooms 11

New York City... even when it's hot and yes, it's always dirty... it's sooooOoooooo romantic!

bedrooms 12

finger food, appetizers, eating in the family room with a fire going

bedrooms 14

baking Christmas cookies

bedrooms 15

seeing Anna walk through the gate, under the arbor after school

bedrooms 16

thinking about my Grandpa laughing, smiling, and squeezing my hand

dining room 1

lace napkins, quilts piled high (I currently have one that I love... but it's a start, right?), plaid in the fall

dining room 2

Peter Pan collars on little girls

dining room 3

braids and bangs, long hair, and short bobs too on girls

dining room 5

stopping to think about the sounds in my house... one talking, one in the shower, one dancing... all so wonderful

dining room 6

Main Street in our town, and also Main Street, Magic Kingdom, Disney World... soooOooo romantic

dining room 7

Surprises, especially surprising my girls... that's romantic

entrance 1

the sound of her playing, so romantic

entrance 2

a whopper of a snowstorm, dark, swirling, snowstorm

entrance 3

the magic the fairies do every spring when they run around and make the grass green, the tulips bloom, and my cherry tree a sight for sore eyes... romantic

entrance 4

this song 

entrance 5

Christmas cards stuffed in the mailbox

entrance 6

banners and paper snowflakes

entrance 7

twinkle lights

entrance 8

family room 1

Real paintings

family room 2

vintage books, and childrens books, and books that bring back memories... all romantic

family room 3

heart shadows on the wall from a banner

family room 4

wearing my mothers wedding gown... so romantic

family room 5

there are oh so many things but so many photos on this post... I'm afraid if I don't stop typing I'll be here til next Valentines day...

family room 6

romance is all around us every single day... all we have to do is look and listen.... I'm about to give Abigail her EoE meds, and tuck her in and read her a chapter of Sophie Mouse, best part of the day.

family room 7

I love love.  Love romance... love my little life... I can't help falling in love with it 

family room 8

Oh, I almost forgot, sloooow dancing with Scott in our kitchen, so so so so romantic... especialy with little girls watch.  Swoon.

family room 9

Wishing you a beautiful month of romance

family room 10

family room 11

family room 12

family room 13

kitchen 1

kitchen 2

kitchen 4

kitchen 5

kitchen 6

kitchen 7

kitchen 8

kitchen 9

living room 1

living room 2

living room 3

living room 4

living room 5

living room 6

living room 7

living room 8

living room 9

living room 10

living room 11

living room 12

living room 13

living room 14

living room 20

living room 15

living room 16

living room 17

living room 18

living room 19

living room 21

living room 22

living room 23

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  1. So sweet! I haven't had time to be on the computer for my blog reading for the past two weeks. Love your valentine decorations! The Tea Time magazine looks "sweet"!