Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Winter Girl

It hit 55 this past weekend. 55!!! That is some crazy February weather. It made me want to decorate with chicks and bunnies. But I know better. It's New England and winter is not over until the calendar says April 1st.

Until then the uggs have to stay in the mudroom no matter how much I'm tired of looking at them. It's still coats and mittens, hats and scarves.

Scott mentioned something about our weather on Thursday getting close to 63 and sunny. I think on a day like that I'll just have to take down the snowflakes on my mantle.

But I found these on my phone from last week. On a run early one weekend morning. Winter girl. Yes, I'm a winter girl for sure.


So so quiet and so so pretty.

And the best part of all that quiet is that the world is shut down.  Everyone is hunkered down all cozy in their houses.  Soup on the stove and dessert in the oven kind of a day.  Perfection.


  1. OK.
    You are the cutest.
    And we had 65 degrees here.
    February should not be April!
    February should indeed be cozy and snuggly and yummy.
    Just like you said!!!

  2. Love the picture of you all bundled up. And the peaceful videos.
    Have a great week!!