Wednesday, February 1, 2017



We all got out early today.  And it was wooooonderful!  I think we should do this each and every Tuesday.  It filled my heart and soul.



You might think that's a bit dramatic but playing outside with Abigail was so much fun!


We made "paths" and threw snowballs at each other. She sounded little to me and so full of fun joy! I concentrated on all of it. How she sounded, what she was exuberent about so that I could bottle it up.

She fed the bunny that lives under the shed.


It was so so pretty outside and quiet.



After I went in to cook dinner she helped Scott shovel the driveway. Back and forth they went.


From inside I chatted with Anna (who sat by the fire in the family room all curled up in the old quilt doing homework), made chicken soup, and got the kitchen all cleaned up.


I had 'friends' to keep me company.


I love when he turns and looks right at me all pretty like that.


I'm sure it's to thank me for the twinkle lights and the food.

I can't wait to get into bed tonight with my tea and my book. Each season holds somethings special. I love being in bed at night with the driving rain in the spring, I love the windows open and and birds in the summer but in the winter I adore extra blankets, flannel jammies, and the sound of the snow plow up and down our street.
I'm not quite sure why but I love love that sound.


  1. I am soooo glad you got SNOW!!!!
    And playing out side with your girl???
    Although, please tell Anna I would have been right inside with her, cozied up with a book.
    Love your words on the cozy in every season, Tara.
    And your photos here too.
    Happy February!!!!

  2. Beautiful pictures.. frame worthy every single,one of them. I love the last one.
    I think Anna had the right idea.

  3. The snow looks beautiful! And that cardinal, I love how their brilliant red stands out in the white snow.


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