Thursday, June 12, 2014


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Tonight my little girl graduates elementary school. My heart is racing with pride and I am so looking forward to this evening with her.

This girl won the hearts of every single teacher she had with her quiet ways, creativity, and sweetness.  She might have said a total of a few sentences each year in class but what she said was heard.  A teacher once told me of Anna, "when Anna speaks in the classroom, everyone listens to what she has to say.  They admire her,  root for her, and somehow know that there is a depth within her."

For her friends that I prayed for, I am grateful.  For the teachers that held her hand and held her heart, they will never be forgotten.  For this little school that Anna called home for six years, I am in awe.  In awe of what the people inside did for my daughter.  

With kindness and wisdom.  With hearts of gold and creativity they took this little girl filled with fear and a heart closed to bonding and love and waited for her to open up.  They made her feel safe.  They treated her with such respect.  They worked with her struggles and looked out for her... and I am forever grateful.  

Today I had bouquets of flowers sent to every single teacher Anna had in elementary school.  From Kindergarten right up to grade five.  And it could never, ever be enough.  

So here's to tonight... and my baby graduating!  


  1. Oh Tara Anna is such a beautiful girl. How kind of you to send flowers to all of her past teachers. Elementary school is such a magical place and it is hard when those days are over.
    I will be thinking of you tonight my friend.
    I love that our children are the same ages. :)

  2. All of this..just beautiful!


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