Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A Good Tuesday Morning

We had a 2 hour delay this morning.  (I write at night to publish for the next day)

I was mid push up when Scott called down to the playroom on his way out to play tennis (indoors of course) "two hour delay today".

For like one second I thought, "oh man.... I got up at 4:15 and there was a 2 hour delay?!"  But one second later I was so darn excited about the time I had in front of me.

I finished my workout with extra zip and got all ready.  And then, then I had TIME!  Blessed, wonderful, icy outside, time.

First I read a cookbook in bed.  I love to read cookbooks.  Really.  If I come across a recipe I want to make I quickly snap a picture with my phone (since it's always with me).  That way on the weekend when I plan out all of the food for the week I glance at the pis in my phone and say, "ohhh that's right, I want to make those stuffed peppers..."   (I don't cook using those snapped pictures, I adore real cookbooks and not a screen... it's much more romantic that way)

 A two hour delay meant that I got to take my time.  I let the girls sleep extra late and then get ready without a  "hurry, hurry, hurry".


We had pancake puffs with real maple syrup drizzled in.  Yuuuuuum.


Abigail finished a book she's been reading over breakfast. And after we were both ready for our schools I got to read a few short chapters to the read aloud I'm doing with her.


I found this little note on the table at Abigail's spot this morning. Enough magic to last all day (for the both of us)


A 2 hour delay meant longer Bible time and an extra cuppa tea.

I think I'd like one again next Tuesday, please...

OH!  And happy happy birthday to my children's book hero, the darling, Laura Ingalls Wilder (who would have been 150 today)  and whom I love.  From the moment my eyes saw a hardcover 'Little House in the Big Woods' on a cross country trip with my family as a little 10 year old girl, her writings have shaped many parts of my life and have inspired me in more ways than I can say.


  1. Delightful!! Have a wonderful day :-)


  2. That's funny!
    I was doing push ups today too!!!
    Ok.Maybe not. : )
    And I was up at take Mocha out.
    But then I went back to bed.
    I am sooo happy for you and your cozy morning.
    It sounds glorious.
    Miss you!!!

  3. I love when you have unexpected extra time in the morning. It sometimes mds like you had a nice slow morning. When you have delayed start times do you have to make up the missed school time? I know you do for snow days but not sure about delayed start times.
    You breakfast looks good...I might need the recipe!!