Monday, February 6, 2017

Early February Weekending

Friday ~
The weekend started off perfectly with Abigail's Authors Tea (back here).  It was wonderful that Scott was able to attend and that were were all home early and together that night.  No better way to start the weekend.


We had a simple Chinese New Year with all of the grandparents at our house that night.  It was a cold CT evening but was cozy and warm inside with both fireplaces going.


Everyone wanted to see our 'new kitchen' and I promise to post pictures soon!



Saturday ~

A day of perfection. Can I just tell you that it was JUST the day I've been needing for so so long!

An early morning 3 miles (walking these days and not running due to a foot issue, but I hope to be running again soon... although I do love walking) It was 28 degrees when I left my house. Someday I should take a picture of the amount of clothes I wear to exercise outside in the early morning in February. It's not pretty, but I'm like a warm bear in a cave! And I need the fresh air.

Abigail read and read and read her book in bed while I had my prayer and Bible time.

Then Scott and I scrubbed this house 'head to toe'. And it felt so good! With everything sparkling and Abigail off to Irish dance I ran to get my nails done. It's so much nicer to teach reading with those little books (and little people) with pretty nails. It just is.

The afternoon was relaxing. And nothing is more relaxing that being in my house when it's clean! It just feels so peaceful.

Abigail got to go to a friends birthday party. She came home with red and really swollen eyes from their dog but she had fun anyway! I love this note she wrote to her friend. She is such a good writer with so much feeling. (spelling... that's another story)


Sunday ~

Family Program at Church... had us dive deep into Matthew 25. It was wonderful. And then our group made take home lunches for our soup kitchen.

We spent the afternoon at home prepping for the week, practicing viola, cooking Sunday dinner, and having fun together.

And Anna surprised Abigail with a cute Disney character play house when she went to the mall with Scott.






It doesn't always happen but today I feel refreshed and ready for a new week of learning and being together.

I hope your weekend was wonderful in every way.


  1. Sigh...
    I adore your life, Tara.
    And yes. Relaxing in a clean house is the best!
    Love Anna's hair!!!
    And your baby?
    She is the sweetest.
    Miss you, my friend!

  2. Perfect! I love a relaxing family weekend especially when it involves being home most of the time. Love Abigails note to her friend, the sweetness of little friendships. Hope your week goes smoothly and quickly so you can get back to the weekend :)

  3. Sounds like a nice weekend. I too love a freshly cleansed house. Love Abigail's face when she saw what Anna got her at the mall.
    Happy Monday!