Thursday, February 9, 2017

A Special Night

Tonight Anna and Abigail took part in the 'Beyond The Face:  A Tribute to Craniofacial Children's Hospital


It was a warm night (for February).  We drove into the city and the girls played at the Bushnell.

They played during a cocktail hour right before the unveiling of the new portraits for the children with Craniofacial issues.  It was a beautiful, elegant event.  They were in two "u" shapes and there were people mingling about; doctors, honored guests (children in their families), the Governor.

They played for 45 minutes and then we left so that they families could be honored and enjoy their event.

Grandma came.  (best happy picture of the night)


Abigail got to wear her Valentine coat.









It's always so meaningful when the girls can use their violas to give something back.  When they first heard about this event they really didn't want to participate but we wanted to teach them that playing to bless other people is really the 'whole point' to lessons and learning.  Giving music is a gift.  I'm grateful they agreed. It was a beautiful night.

After this event on a school day I tucked Abigail in and she fell asleep so quickly that she was in the same position she got into bed in.  Asleep in second.  The good feeling, happy, content, and oh so tired sleep.

They say that we're to get over a foot of snow tomorrow.  I'm planning on rising early.  You know me, I don't want to miss one single second of a possible snow day.  Giddy!

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  1. Tara,
    How special.
    You are providing your girls such amazing experiences...
    They blessed so many that night.
    Anna is so beautiful!
    AndI LOVE your baby girl's coat!!!!


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