Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Lent is hard for me. It always has been.

Maybe it's because I already love my walk with God. My almost~hour in the morning for Bible time. My sweet little Bible studies with my daughters on weekends and snow days. I love Christian music. I love praying as a family and I love praying with Scott, just us.

My faith, is not a part of my life. It is my life and everything else just smushes around it.

So then Lent comes. And I feel like I need to do something different, something new, something special, because it's Lent.

I feel the pull toward having a super~Catholic household.

Thoughts run through my brain like, "maybe we should pray the rosary more" "maybe we could get out that Lenten activity book and work through it for real this year" "maybe we could attend stations of the cross every Friday"

This year as I was praying and asking God how I should lead my family into lent I felt a gentle peace like He was telling me to keep doing what I was ALREADY doing.

Keep my God/Bible time in the morning (man, oh, man, that is a powerful time for me each day)

Keep praying as a family.

Keep going to Mass weekly.

Keep putting Me first and let all the other smosh around Me.

So I will.

Lent IS beautiful. And me all frazzled trying to "do lent" a certain way is not what it's all about.

So this year I'm going to not stress and do what we do. And do it the best I can.

Pray, alone and together, sing praise and worship songs, teach my girls from scripture, go to Mass weekly and lean in.

And maybe, maybe do a few little activities in this book (from last year) with my girls.


(but not feel sad if I don't get to even one of them)

So here's to a fruitful Lent for all of us who observe it.

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