Thursday, February 4, 2016


Abigail is my cuddle bug.  If she's awake she likes to be holding hands, on our lap, twirling through our fingers.  At bedtime tonight I was reading 'Happy Valentines Day Dolores' (great book btw) and she said, "move up mama. move closer".  I was already right next to her.  Hips touching.  When I turned on Raffi and cuddled for the first song she burried her face in my hair and said I smelled good.  She did, really.

Anna is not my cuddle bug.  She squrms out of cuddles.  But it will never stop us for giving her hugs, kisses, and cuddles.

Anna shows her affection through notes.  Nightly notes on our pillow. Every night (mostly) for years.  At first I didn't save them. I thought it was a fluke for a week. A little phase she was in.  But when I realized that this was 'her thing' I started a box.  Scott's of course are all shoved in a drawer.  Mine are in here.


Someday when I'm old I'll sit down and read them all again. And I will smile and be grateful for having such a thoughtful daughter who found a way to cuddle that works for her.

Which was why I was so happy, so very happy when this came in the mail from a teacher. A note. When someone writes Anna a note they are speaking her love language. That's for sure! (see this post) and this

And it's true, it was a big deal to move up to honors math and still get straight A's.

I love good, good teachers who find out how kids learn best and how to get to their heart, speak their love language, even in middle school.


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