Saturday, February 13, 2016

"My Tiny Valenintiny"


I want to get this here so I don't forget these things because they are wonderful to me.


I loved the way Mr. O'Brien called you his "tiny Valentiny" on your way out of school on Friday.  You hugged him (you LOVE all teachers even one that your sister had in fifth grade) He loved the heart pocket in your Valentine dress and I secretly said a prayer that he'd be your fifth grade teacher one day.


I loved the way I had to go into the school and down to your classroom at the end of the day way after all of the other children were gone because you were trying so hard to fit that basket of Valentines (now empty from handing them out to your friends) and that big pink box (now heavy from getting all of those sweet Valentines) into your hands and backpack.  I loved the way Mrs. Anderson was getting on her coat to help you and walk you outside to me.  Oh, thank you for still being little and HAVING a Valentine box and so many things to bring home.


I loved sparkle in your eyes in the morning before school.  Your basket filled with Valentines that we had all worked on as a family.  It was contagious joy.

I loved the way you looked as you walked out of the car toward school.  There was a line of cars behind me but I paused for a moment.  Seeing you with your thick, long, warm coat, little girl mittens, fuzzy boots, backpack, and arms full of Valentines.

I loved the way you waited and wouldn't open your class Valentines before Daddy came home at night.  He had to be there for you.


I loved the way you thought, really thought that every Valentine was just picked for YOU as you opened at night.  I loved the way you loved the 'boy' ones and the 'girl' ones.  You treasured them all as you opened them.


Oh, it is wonderful to be your mama on all of these special days leading up to Valentines Day.  I love you baby girl.

1 comment:

  1. And I love you, Tara.
    For loving this so much.
    For seeing it as it is...pure, blissful childhood.
    A gift. Given to us.
    And I love your baby girl...who oozes joy and kindness.
    Oh. And I love her hair that way.
    How's that for love this Love Day Weekend?!


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