Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Pyramid Concert

This concert consisted of the select strings in Anna's middle school (orchestra she auditioned to be a part of), the high school orchestra, and the select high school district orchestra.  It was magnificent.

(Anna's select orchestra... no way my camera can really capture the richness of sound that it was) They nailed it! 

This is Anna moments before we left.  I love that she gives us music. She thinks it's no big deal.


This is soleisti.  The High School select orchestra.  The talent is unimaginable.  Most of these high school students will/have chosen music as their college major.  Many will go on to study at The Manhattan School of Music (NY), The Boston Conservatory (MA), Yale (CT), or Julliard (NY)  Waaaaaay outta our league.  (or even a league I'd want them to be in)

Concert nights are snuggle nights for us with Abigail. My friend Cindy helped me out with 'what to do' on concert nights with a younger one. And I'm grateful. We used to just switch off going. One of us went to the concert, one stayed home with an earlier bedtime girl. But now we make sure she's had her bath. We bring her in her jammies along with her dessert. Most of the concerts are only an hour so really she's just a little late for bed. And the music is so relaxing and peaceful; I think it's the perfect bedtime story.



  1. Goosebumps!
    And Tara, she is simply stunning!!!!

  2. Oh I love hearing her play.. Just beautiful!


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