Friday, February 5, 2016

Winter Weeknds

Winter Weekends are the best.  The best!  I posted already about Friday night back here.  But before a new weekend starts soon I have to get the goodness of our small, simple life from last weekend.

Practicing... I took this one for the sunlight


We are not big TV people. Or big movie people. Although I can't live without the Hallmark Channel from Thanksgiving until Christmas. Okay, maybe September till January.  We do love the Disney Nature films. LOVE! This was a new one for us.


After Mass each Sunday I make lunch and Scott sits down with each planning out their week, going over last week (our money system is tied into all of this), talking about goals and school, friends, and life. Every Sunday right after church.


Abigail is reading and waiting her turn for her planning meeting with daddy. I love knee socks.


I drink a lot of pretty tea on the weekend.


When Anna was in third grade I had a Valentine Friendship party to help her out with friends. Now that Abigail is in third I decided to have one for her since I'm not big on play dates. (I'm weird that way but I have a realllly hard time sharing them)


So he made the invitations (only 3 little friends)



And the very best part of the weekend was when our new neighbors stopped by. Yes, this little darling lives right across the street.


I want a baby!

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  1. I love the party invitations. We don't have very many play dates either.
    Your Sundays sound wonderful!
    Enjoy your weekend!