Monday, February 22, 2016

There's Always Something Good to Blog About

Last night when we got into bed, Scott and I said, "well that was a terrible day."  We were beat.  So exhausted.

But as soon as I said those words I knew that my thinking was all wrong.  There were many things, so many things that happened during the weekend that were happy, good, and wonderful.  

I don't have a flourishing Monday blog post with beautiful photos from our weekend.  But I don't want to forget the little things.  

~ Even though Anna did homework from Friday at 3:00 til Sunday night at 11:00 and we were pulling our hair out at just the thought of that much homework and really just 'missing' our girl all weekend.  We are grateful for such a smart little twelve year old.  Who loves school and is hap hap happy to do homework all weekend... just as content as can be.

~ With Anna 'absent' all weekend Abigail and I spent so much time together. It was like having an only child.  I listened to her talk from Friday at 3:00 til her bedtime on Sunday night.  That spunky little girl is talking unless she is sleeping.  And I love to listen to her.  We meandered through the antique store.  She finds little treasures that I don't see because she sees all of the things on her eye level.  She spotted me some darling little berry bowls.  Green for St Patrick's Day and Wedgwood (and I only paid $5 per bowl... I got 4... has them for $22.99 each!!!) 


~ Mass was beautiful but even more than the music was the church we call home.  Abigail gave Fr Tom a huge hug when we walked in the big front doors (and I should have snapped a quick picture),  But I did take a quick picture of the letter she wrote back to Fr. Tom after she got a letter from him.


I caught up with an old friend from my MOMS (ministry of mothers sharing) group that I was in when Anna was in diapers, and just felt such peace there.  After Mass I had a meeting in the center to prepare for the next Engaged Couples Retreat that we're a part of.  When the meeting was over I popped back over to church and Abigail was in the Rosary group on the last decade... tears.  Just her and the older ladies. 

~ I got to decorate with my friend via texting back and forth.  She helped me with my little entrance table.  I always wanted one in there.  We've been doing a ton of painting in our house and now that our main color is white this table that was in Abigail's room (next to a rocker that we moved out) looks perfect.  It was fun to have Cindy's ideas come back and forth as I ran through the house pulling this and that to decorate.  


My little peg doll from Charlotte's Web next to my EB White collection... swoon.


I loved Cindy's idea to add a little something to soften the look


And then she suggested I find some twinkle... at night it lights up that little mini entrance room.  magical.


~ Sunday was warm and sunny.  So Abigail and I went for a stroll through the neighborhood and ran into the sweetest baby (again)  Her daddy was walking her in the stroller and instantly the day was glorious.  A baby girl in a stroller... swoon. 

~  We ate good food at home and I read a million books to Abigail. 



~ I got our Lent/Easter tree and activities up and running (with a little help from Abigail) Remember my last post?  So glad were are now joining Lent.  


~ We were together so actually it was a lovely, lovely day.  

~ The End 


  1. Well, I just told you this...but I adore the Charolette's Web display!!!
    It is perfect.
    And I miss Cindy.
    Your weekend sounds lovely...and someday I am crashing your party up there!
    So much to do with you and your precious family. : )

  2. Hi Tara,
    I read your blog occasionally, but usually I don't comment. I love reading your posts, though! :)
    I'm glad Anna enjoys her homework so much (I was one of those people, too, so I can relate) but I do think American students get more homework than they can reasonably expect to complete. If they're only 12 and it takes all their time away from playing, from daydreaming, from anything else they enjoy doing, then there's a problem there. I thought you might find this interesting: (just for the record: I don't think you're pressuring your kids AT ALL - quite the opposite. You seem super supportive of whatever they choose to do). Anyway, just something to think about. All the best to you!

  3. I love your entry table... Good job ladies:) well actually I love all of your house.

    Isabella spends so much time on homework as well. It really makes me sad the family time she misses. We keep telling her and she knows the honors classes will pay off.


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