Tuesday, February 23, 2016



This afternoon everything after school was cancelled.  (yeah!!!!)  Well dance was postponed until Saturday but Tuesday is the best night to have some snow.  The very best. 

Anna is working on her own children's book as a project based on a historical fiction novel she read.  So some extra time is just what she needed.   (I wish I could have had the nerve to take a picture of her whole room... it's kinda like that top shelf of her desk right now... I can't breathe when I look at that filled too much top shelf, but I can't help her with all of that right now since she hasn't lifted her head in a week with so much work.)



The bathtub is where Abigail spent her afternoon.  This was her view out the bathroom window. 


I should have been folding laundry but I hung out with her instead. 


When Anna heard that Abigail was searching for a new book to read Anna was giving a book talk at dinner. 


... and I got to finally paint my nails... what is it about pink nail polish that puts me in an instant good mood...

thank you snow!



  1. Gosh! Anna's drawings are fantastic! She's doing a super job :)

  2. Hi Tara! I am making your Turkey Barley soup this evening for dinner! I made it about 2weeks ago but ended up putting my own twist on it, I have a hard time sticking to recipes as they exactly are because I love to cook so much and so I can't resist experimenting & adding my touch! lol.. It came out delicious but this evening I fought the urge & literally followed your recipe to a T!! It looks & smells delicious! My kids & hubby all love a good soup! As do I! Thank you for sharing the recipe! I will feel like I am really definately feel like I am sharing something with you! Food just does that! Food is such a good way of bringing people, families & cultures together, I truly believe that! God bless, will be thinking of you and your precious family this evening when I am enjoying dinner with my own❤️I am enjoying your blog & Anna has such a wonderful work ethic, lost of talent! And that Abigal! I could see her playing Calico Critters with my own girls who are 8 &9yrs old ;) My gilrs adore Calico Critters! Btw, I saw that you found me on Instagram :) I sent ya follow request but not sure if you missed it! hot_coffee4lisa ~ God bless again, and Happy Lent season!! Lisa!


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