Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Pen Pals

You know, if you've been reading my blog for even a little, little bit that pen pals have changed my life.  (yup, I'm talking to your Riley).

Truly, utterly, changed my life.  Because they changed my daughters life.


And all of those pen pal letters back and forth gave me one of my best friends.


So, with knowing all of that I wonder why I didn't think of this sooner.

One night in October Abigail was lying in bed and I was cuddling with her.  She was saying something about her pain.  "mommy, I don't wish you had EoE.  I just wish you could feel this pain for like one minute so you would know."  "I don't have anyone that has EoE that GETS it!"

Like a light bulb I thought, 'I could get her a pen pal.'

So as quickly as I could I rushed down and posted on the this site.  Asking if anyone wanted to be pen pals with my daughter.  And boy did they answer!

We picked one her age.  (and not 16 hours of a drive away... just in case they REALLY became friends) and she wrote the next day.

And then she got a letter back.

And well, you know how pen pals work.  Back and forth.

And with each drawing of a sunset or Thanksgiving sticker Abigail puts on the envelope my heart grows happier.

Because I am filled with gratitude to God sparking this idea in my head; for providing a simple way that she could 'relate' to someone else in 'her shoes.'

Scott looked her her address and said, "we've probably walked past her apartment in one of the many times we've been to NYC."

I love letters in the mail.  I love the light up on her face when she finds out there's mail for her.

But more than anything, I love a friendship blooming.

("this is what the sky looks like when we are driving to my endoscopy/ biopsy early in the morning")



  1. Love pen pals! What a sweet note and a very brave little girl!


  2. Oh Tara!!!!
    I am so happy!
    What a wonderful idea!
    My heart is full for your baby girl. : )

  3. Oh so sweet❤️ I know a little 8 year old who would love to be her across the country but hope to meet one day pen pal?!?!