Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Blah Blah Blah


I have nothing to be blah about.  Everything is running as it should.  I have my 'God time' every morning and it fills me up.

I really shouldn't sit here just before I go to bed.  I'm tired and all I want to do is cozy with Scott and a good book or a spring magazine.

I'm convinced that my posts would be much more uplifting if I blogged in the morning.  In the morning my head swarms with ideas for this blog.

How I long to 'tell our love story' and our wedding and parts of my childhood.

I will... just hold on... this posts will get better soon!

But for now sheets.  I have a thing for sheets.  I blame my Mom.  I had such pretty sheets growing up and my beautiful brass bed was always so pretty.  I had a white eyelet bed spread with a matching dust ruffle. I loved my childhood bedroom.  I dreamed my dreams in there and (except for college) slept every single night in that bedroom until the morning I woke up for my wedding.

I long to give that kind of space to my girls.  I don't like a childhood bedroom changed too much.  I'm not into big makeovers and redos.  The color paint on the walls are the same as the day Anna came home in my arms from China and Abigail from the hospital.  I loved the colors then and I do now.

Some things have to change (like how Anna needed a desk) and how we recently moved their rockers out but other than that they've stayed the same.

I found these Laura Ashley flannel sheets on line (such a sale) and they are the softest flannel I've ever felt.

I love that they're a touch of spring but warm and cozy because it's still winter here.

(Abigail's bedroom is the Peter Rabbit room)


And she has a little table between the two windows. She calls it her desk. (Its from here) 






(Anna's room is the fairy tale room)




It's pouring out right now. I'm off to a cuppa tea and my own pretty sheets. The best part of the day...

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