Friday, February 19, 2016

Lent (and) Easters not up yet

Yesterday I took down all of the Valentines Day decorations.  And while I was at it I decided to take down all of the winter/snow decorations too. It's not that "I'm soooOoooo done with winter" "how many days til spring". I'm not that kinda girl. I live in Connecticut. And I love it here. I love each and every season. I don't like em rushed and if you've been here ever before (on this blog) you know I love the cozy that only a whopper of a snowstorm can bring.

I simply just took down Valentines and Winter together because I felt like it.

It's plain in here. And I like it. especially for Lent.

This week I'm reading through this little book.  It's full of wonderful ideas.


And I changed around the basket with the girls devotionals.  (They have Bible/Devotional/Prayer time every morning... and yes, it's required... but so much a part of their routine, their life, that it's natural) I found these little Lent activity books.  Just a little something different.



I really love Lent but this year it feels like I'm getting into it a bit late.  And I was feeling yucky about it.  I mean, the activity books for the girls arrived just this week and my little Lent family book has a whole section on Ash Wednesday and it's loooong past that.

I wondered, will I always feel 'behind' on things like Lent and Advent?

And then, just before bedtime I realized that I had forgotten to get the mail.  In the mailbox was a letter for Abigail.  From Fr. Tom, the pastor of our church.  Or beloved Pastor.

Abigail was already in bed.  But she ripped open the envelope knowing who it was from. And she read it out loud.  And once again, the Sheppard of our flock (in a city... we're a city parish) reminded me that's it never too late.  That faith, and family, and love, and God are woven every day into our lives.  And that those 'things' that keep me busy from planing out the perfect Lent (like raising two daughters) are my ministry right now.  And remembering that, just remembering that is Lent.


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