Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Winding Down

... well sort of!

Around here school doesn't end until June 20th but some of our school-year extra activities begin to wind down a bit.

Of course with some winding down of activities (and we take a deep breath) the crazy 'end of the school year' activities rev up. (like school fairs, field days, preschool graduations, and lots of family birthday parties)

Today was Anna's last group viola class. She still has her once a week private lesson for a few more weeks but her group class ended today.

She's finishing up her fourth year of playing the viola and I'm pleased as can be with some of the things that have come out of her mouth lately about being able to play an instrument and with the viola in particular. Just a few so that I don't forget.

~At prayer time one night, "I'm thankful that I can play an instrument." (I know, not profound but it was in there and it was heartfelt.
~During dinner one evening, "I love the viola. I'm glad that I play that instead of a violin. The viola has such a deep, rich sound. And it's different and special." (I can't remember the exact words but it went something like that.

Here is her group class. They've been together for four years now. Sweet kids.  (Please excuse the iphone picture that someone else took and then emailed to me)


Her teacher, Melinda. She's creative, hard working, patient, gentle and yet it amazes me that she can get such beautiful sound out of these viola players. I love the way that she expects them to be life long music players.  This sazuki program is not for the faint of heart... it's some serious stuff.  And a non musical mom like me is amazed!


So another year of viola under her belt (or should I say bow). Going to the car today she said, "for the first time I feel sad"

And next school year her little sister will be starting. 

She's as ready as ever. She's been to four years of group classes, four years of private lessons, every daily time Anna practices, and the constant sound of the Sazuki viola CD playing in our house. Oh yea, ready for sure!

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  1. wow, that does sound intense!! good for anna. i can't wait till our girls are playing an instrument.
    june 20th?????!!!!! goodness that is late!
    we are free!!!!!!!!!:)
    have a happy day tara