Monday, May 21, 2012

Planting, Painting, and an Art Show

On Saturday Scott did an amazing amount of spring yard work. He works hard I can tell you and our lush green grass this year, raised flower beds, and curved little gardens are all him... I can't take credit for our pretty yard at all!

planting 2

It's our spring tradition for the girls to help us plant the annuals out front that line our walkway. And they did a great job!

palnting 6 planting up close collage

planting 3

planting 4

planting 5

In the afternoon while Daddy was gardening I got out the paints for the girls to do outside... always a big hit no matter what age you are!

painting 1

Especially washing the brushes to change paint colors!

painting 2

It was a relaxing day for the girls. Just what we needed!

painting 3 painting 4

On Sunday we headed to Anna's Art Show. She loves art so for the past 5 years she's taken an art class outside of school. Each spring they host an art show. The highlight this year was the face painting.





A fun weekend for sure! We loved the sun; we loved the warm air; we always love our weekends together!

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  1. Looks like a wonderful weekend and I just love these pictures!



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