Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mrs. Rothschild

Back in April Abigail had her last ever Kindermusik. It sure was a bittersweet one for me since I've been going to Kindermusik since Anna came home from China. It was the best 'mommy and me' class I've ever found which is why I was there with my girls for a total of nine years! Nine years! Nine years certainly deserves a better, bigger post with pictures dating back all the way to 2004 but I don't have them that organized today. I will soon but I just have to get this years out today.

spring 12
(spring 2012)

Mrs. Rothschild is the rock to Kindermusik. Strong in her music background she brought so much wisdom to the little class. Yet it was her warmth and kindness over the years that brought me back semester after semester.

Each week I got to PLAY with my girls to music. Scarves, instruments, books, and just a whole lot of fun. The girls cuddled with me, giggled with me, and it filled up my mommy heart each and every week.

spring 05
(spring 2005)

spring 11
(spring 2011)

Thank you Mrs. Rothschild for stopping the clock for me if just for a bit each week over the past nine years. Thank you Mrs. Rothschild for reminding me that TIME with my girls was the best part of staying home.

srping 08
(spring 2008)

It's hard to even think of saying goodbye to this little piece of my 'staying at home' life. So... I won't.

"We love you" was inscribed on a locket we gave her on the last day. And we sure do.

spring 12 locket


  1. oh tara...the last one??? so sorry!
    seeing those little big things end is tough. wonderful that she was such an inspiration to you.
    have a happy day tara

  2. Awww this post made me teary eyed! What a wonderful lady and a great experience!