Sunday, May 20, 2012

She's 5!

Hard to believe my pint sized, just starting to wear size 4T clothes is five!

crown 2

But she is! No matter how hard I tired to stop it... 5 came anyway!

And she couldn't be happier about it!

Her birthday was Friday but her family party won't be until next weekend. So we celebrated just the four of us, and we had a lovely party. It was such a beautiful day we decided to have our homemade pizza outside and open presents outside too. She saw the presents wrapped in the living room during the day. It was so hard for her to wait until daddy was home that afternoon. Boy of boy was she ever happy!

presents 1

She ripped right into the 'big one' and had no idea what it was! So cute though, she was thrilled anyway.

presents 3

ripping presents

Scott thought of getting her a snow cone machine since we are ALWAYS looking for ways to give her special things to eat due to her severe allergies. Water and sugar syrup are the only two ingredients so it passes the test! :)

Later inside that night we gave it a try, and it was hit! (with both girls)

snow cone collage

presents presents 2 collage

Her favorite presents were bitty baby clothes. When she ripped off the paper and saw that Bitty Baby box she shouted, "thank you; its just what I wanted!" I love that!

presents 4

bb 2 dressing bb collage

Oh how she loves that doll!

bitty baby collage

My favorite two pictures of the night are these! She opened a Bitty Baby carrier. Pure birthday joy! (and I love raising future mommies)

bitty baby carrier

bitty baby carrier 2

Anna gave her lip gloss which she didn't waste any time trying and this amazing card. "You are the everlasting bouquet of my life" Now that's sister love!

lip gloss annas card collage

We went inside for some cupcakes.

cupcakes blowing

cupcakes crown collag

And ended the day with some mommy daddy pictures.

hugs for mommy with daddy collage

Happy Birthday sweet Abigail Mei... we love you!


  1. Wishing sweet little Abigail a very Happy Birthday! Your pictures are always so amazing, Tara :)

    I remember when my Emily loved her American Girl and Bitty Twins and how excited she was to get something new for them...I really miss those days...she'll be 19 in June!

  2. Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl!!!! It looks like Abigail had a spectacular and super special day! Love all the photos Tara..... especially that last one of you and Abigail together! It shows so much love!

    Have a wonderful week my friend~




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