Friday, May 25, 2012

Keeping Up

My calendar is so full. Events are every day it seems. I'm being pulled in a million different directions. But I'm home and I'm loving it because it's all about my little family. We are for sure in the thick of 'end of the year hoopla'. And with Abigail's birthday party this weekend I'm determined to keep up all on the little pictures along the way.

Just a few quick snapshots of Anna at her school. Her little 'readers theatre' group did such a great job. And Anna LOVED performing in front of her class. I know it's because she got to hide behind the book. She said it's because she didn't have to sing. She was super excited and I was super proud of her.

Here she is with her teacher; amazing one!

with teacher

And with one of her best school friends!

with lisa


  1. Hi Tara - I haven't been here since the Ladybug Girl post ... so I just got caught up on every post since Mother's Day - wow, you guys have been super busy ... such fun stuff, though - loved seeing it all - and ps, holy smokes your photos are so amazing :)