Saturday, May 19, 2012

Breaking Life Down into Little Moments

There's something about having a blog that I love. Sometime from when the camera goes "click" and I've captured a moment to when it appears on my blog I feel frazzled. Will I remember what that was about? Can I ever be 'caught up with my pictures' as life is speeding by faster than I can stop it? That's not the part I like. But when I take a few minutes every day to take those pictures and "file" our little family moments on this blog I feel relaxed.

When I click "publish" on my blog page I say to myself, "ahh... a moment captured, a moment preserved." I would hate for our family moments to be lost forever as unorganized pictures on phones, camera chips and video clips. I love my blog because it's all here, all organized, all captured.

And although putting a few pictures up each day does not show the "whole" of our little family life it helps me to feel like I'm slowing down their growing up years. I know I can't stop the clock. I know I can't keep them little forever, but keeping my blog helps me to break life down into little moments. And those little moments are forever there along with the feelings that went with them. Life stopped if just for a short time. Life captured.

And I like that.

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