Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Extra Hands in the Kitchen

My favorite days? The ones when Abigail and I get to "just be home" after dropping off Anna at school. No appointments, no places to be, just being together.

There is always a long list I want to tackle every day. And there are always lots to play together and read together. But today on this rainy day we got two things done.

First Abigail is learning how to eat a banana. I know that sounds funny; she's almost 5, but with her EE she struggles with her eating. I've been telling her that she needs to be able to eat two fruits (whole, not mashed up) before she enters Kindergarten. Our house is always filled with fruit. We all love it, except for Abagail. She sees us eat fruit all the time, knows the names of fruit and was quick to pick her two fruits: banana and apple.

Banana day went something like this...

I think I might try it.

banana 1

Maybe just a sliver

banana 2

Okay mommy, just one bite!

banana 3

Not so good but at least it's progress!

After lunch we made these cookies!


Banana Chocolate creme Cookies

cooking 2

cooking 1

cooking 3

It's so much fun being in the kitchen together.


  1. What a beautiful smile she has! I love baking with my boys too, and they love to lick everything afterwards. :) Those cookies look so yummy and good job with the banana Abigail!

  2. ....oh and thanks for the very sweet comment, not creepy at all, thank you!! Yes, I love the bright polish and I keep wanting to change it out but everything else seems so boring in comparison. lol


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