Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Washington DC (part 6)

Okay, if you're thinking "man that girl really needs to learn how to choose better" you're right. But I really did weed out the pictures I didn't like, for real!

Here we were on first day of "daddy with us all day". It was my favorite of course!

We headed out early to to the Paddle Boats around the monuments. It was such a cool and pretty morning. We were out on the water for at least an hour and didn't want to come back! The view of the monuments from the Tidle Pool is my favorite.

The girls were in the back and mommy and daddy did all of the paddling. We had a canopy over us so no need to worry about the sun.

paddle boats 2

paddle boats 1

paddle boats 3

The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

paddle boats 4

paddle boats 5

After that we walked to the Natural History Museum. (and stopped along the way for more pictures!)

hats and bench 2

hats and bench 1

I loved the building... so beautiful!

nautral history

Can you see the girls way down there?

natural history 2

Abigail loved the kids explore museum. She could have stayed in there all day!

natural history 3

In the afternoon we headed to another museum... art! The sculpture gardens had this large fountain area and benches lining it in the shade. It wasn't long before the girls were up there leaving their sock and sneakers behind!

gardens 1

gardens 2

My favorite one! The fountains changed and Abigail was delighted!

gardens 3

gardens 4

gardens 5

gardens 6

Since this was our last night in DC Scott wanted to show us what the monuments looked like all lit up at night. So we went out after baths and after we were all packed for the next day. I'm so glad we got to see everything at night... spectacular!

night 1

night 2

night 3

night 4

night 6

The perfect end to my favorite day!


  1. Wonderful pictures as always!! I was born in Baltimore, Md. but it's been years since I've visited DC been wanting to take the girls. :-)
    Looks like a great time.


  2. Every time we visit my brother in MD, the girls ask to go to DC. I have been putting them off because of aubrey and the whole stroller thing!!:) you have made me want to go so badly!!! These pictures are my favortie so far. The boat ride...awesome!
    have a happy day tara