Wednesday, May 9, 2012

This and That

Not too much to post around here today.  As all of you are experiencing May is busy!  Super busy!  On top of all that May brings this year I'm starting my photography business/hobby and going 'back to school' (well just back to 3 in a row teacher meetings), and I just can't kick this cold I have! 

I have to explain the 'back to school part'.  Every five years my teaching license is up for renewal.  After the first five years of being home (ahh!) I was able to renew it without needing any CEU's (mini classes that give me points and keep me up to date) Well now I'm up for renewal again (well next year) and I have to get a ton of those CEU's before then or I can't renew my license.  Connecticut requires continuing education for teachers which is a good idea and is built in to a teachers career.  Once you're home... well you have to find those CEU classes on your own. 

So I called my principal from 7 years ago and she's letting me join in with my old colleagues to get a few of those CEU's.  My girls have a shorter day each Wednesday so that the towns teachers can attend these meetings.  This spring (well, 3 in a row) I've joined in. I have a ton of classes/workshops to go but I'm hoping I'll be able to get enough CEU's before my deadline next summer.  I've missed my girls and it's just been three little two hour meetings.  I don't like missing anything with them and I love being home with them.  I simply don't know how some of those working teachers and moms do it.  My heart would break in two. 

Just a few random pictures from my camera these days....

Anna and her viola.

anna viola

Another school project. Habitat adaptation project


Abigail's "birthday tree". Each year it blooms right around her birthday in May.


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  1. heart breaking in two....i get it!!
    every year i re-up my certificate i think about the day i will have to use it for reals!!:(
    have a happy day tara


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