Friday, May 11, 2012

Favorite Photo Friday ~ Ladybug Girl

"Ladybug Girl has things to do!"


Do you know this book? Abigail and I love it.

book 1

And yesterday I asked Abigail if she wanted to play Ladybug girl. Guess what she said? YES!

"She runs across the yard to the pond. Her brother calls it a puddle, but she knows it's big - so big she can see trees and sky inside the water.
There might even be a shark in the deep part!"


puddle 2

"Ladybug Girl jumps in anyway!"

puddle 3

Her next step is the huge tree. "It's roots look like angry snakes, but Ladybug Girl" can climb it!

can climb trees

On to the hill, Ladybug Girl skips all the way down the hill, not falling even once.


"She jumps down and lands with a bow. Ta-da! she says."

"Feeling as big as the whole outdoors, (Abigail) stretches out her arms and flies down the hill with her wings bobbing behind her."

Until she falls...



So she goes inside with her mom for a clean up, a band aid, and a cuddle. And all is better for Ladybug Girl.


I love children's literature. Picture books I'd rather buy than fancy purses. Get these if you have a girl... you'll love em!

For amazing pictures visit my friend Lisa here...

the long road


  1. Oh- sorry to see she fell. Hope her knees are on the mend now.

  2. oh HECK YES we know Ladybug Girl - as I'm sure you could have guessed ;-) The last two (bug squad and the newly released "and bingo") are not in our collection - are they good?! My youngest was such a fan of the first book that she dressed as Ladybug Girl for Halloween back in '08 when it was first published - it was my favorite of any costume she's ever worn b/c she truly IS Ladybug Girl in her heart ... gosh I miss those books (still have 'em, but now only read for nostalgia's sake), they were very special to us :) Hope you've been well, Tara!!

  3. we love these books! what a sweet little ladybug.
    and oh that poor's that time of year again right?
    i always cringe and brace for it whenever they take off in a full speed run!!!
    have a happy day tara


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