Monday, May 7, 2012

What a Weekend

Phew! What a weekend! We started off at this beautiful park on Friday after school.
I had to check out the park before a photo shoot I had on Saturday so I decided to take the girls after school. It was such a beautiful day and we all loved getting out!

I was there once when Anna was just a baby and remembered that they had a duck pond so I brought some bread with me.


They loved feeding the ducks!

I didn't have the right lens on to get this shot but love her excited face in it too much to delete it!



Anna was getting a little too close to the ducks for my taste. It was like they were pets!


She decided to have a little fun and make a path for him to follow. And follow her he did!



A little walking around brought us to this bridge. Just trying it out with my camera before my photo shoot.




And it was worth it!

This sweet second grader was making her First Holy Communion and I was honored to take pictures of her. Just a few of my favorites...

home 7

home 2

park 33

home 3

I also had a little family photo shoot on Sunday afternoon. Phew!

But we were able to help Anna finish this project...

anna school project china

her inquiry project on China! So proud of her! Man when I was in third grade I did not know how to come up with a project idea and inquiry questions, find books with the answers to those questions, take notes, turn those notes into paragraphs and create a poster. I think I learned how to do that in High School! She has such pride for her birth country and we couldn't be happier!  (and then she left it in the car when I dropped her off at school... after all of those hours this weekend! Yes, I did drive it over there only because she is super responsible about school and this was the first time she's ever forgotten anything)

A busy weekend for sure. But we still made time for (and don't have pictures of) daddy's pancakes on Sunday morning, snuggling to read Abigail books, Anna's playdate with her best friend Lily, running around outside, date in in our kitchen with wine and aps after the girls were sleeping, and homemade pizza!

PS ~ Cindy introduced me to this song on her blog and I love it. It reminds me that Scott calls me "mama" (sounds weird but I love it) and the girls sometimes do too! And since Mother's Day is coming... I'm getting all excited!

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  1. love that bread trail and yeah for Hey Mama!!!
    you can not possibly listen to that song and NOT get up and dance!!:)
    have a happy day tara

    goodness i have missed a lot over here....last week was a bit crazy i guess!!!:) tired of seeing me in your inbox yet???:)