Thursday, May 24, 2012

Favortie Photo Friday ~ Teeny Tiny Field Day



Teeny Tiny for sure but great big fun! Yesterday was Abigail's Preschool Field Day/Family Picnic!

Boy was she ever excited. She must have said 1,000 times "mommy, it's not about winning and it's not about loosing; it's about having FUN!"

I picked up Anna for the event. (the more events that are about "family" that we can take her to the better for her... still trying to cement in her that we are a family forever)

There was the jumpy ball. She had that thing going!

2 3 collage


Then there was the 'walk on stilts' and the egg drop. She was slow as molasses on these; the teachers kept telling her to take bigger steps. She did NOT want to drop that plastic egg!

5 6 collage

7 8 collage

Adorable during the crab walk


Love her expression on the right. Really getting into it!

10 11 collage

And her ponytail was flying during the sack race


but my favorite photo was this one... muscles (finally in size 4t as a new 5 year old) pulling that rope during tug of war. She was mighty and strong; and oh so cute!


Just a few more from the tug of war

14 15 collage

Receiving her medal with her other "jumping green frogs" team


So proud

17 18 collage

But her favorite part of all was having her whole family there to see her!


Mrs. Giddings announced to the parents at the end that her favorite part of field day was "watching Anna, Abigail's big sister, cheer and clap for her." Love that!

And then a picnic. A fun morning for sure, and another memory to tuck away and save. I have oh so many that will bring a smile to my face for years and years to come.


For more photos by my favorite teacher and friends visit

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  1. oh goodness she looked happy!!:)
    such determionation on that little face.
    glad you could all be there (great pic of scott and the girls) it's a lot better when there's a crowd cheering for you!:)
    have a happy day tara

  2. She is so stinkin' adorable!!!!!!!!! These are such wonderful shots! She looks like she is having a blast; what a cutie! Yes, I love the ones of her pulling that rope in tug o' war! Gosh, I remember field days! Oh what a long time ago that was ;o)

  3. she looks like she had such a fabulous time!!

  4. What fun! Love the early shot of her ponytail flying!

  5. OMG- that looks like so much fun. I had completely forgotten about some of those things that I would do as a kid. Writing them all down now so I can be sure to do them with my kids.

  6. Aww, she is soo cute!!!!! Lovely captures/memories! :)

  7. Oh goodness, these are ADORABLE!!! Way to go Abigail, proud moments for sure, love the medal pictures!:) What an awesome day and the smiles at the end say it all!