Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Concert, Ballet Rehearsal, and Cookies for Santa

Phew! What a weekend! Saturday was a very busy day for us. Anna had art school in the morning, a viola concert in the afternoon, and both girls had rehearsal for liturgical dance in the evening. I was all geared up for the long day, but by the time we got to the liturgical dance rehearsal I was so exhausted. I think both girls kept their energy up better than I did.

Pictures from Anna's 4th annual viola Christmas concert. We were so proud of her; she was excited in the beginning but nerves set in as her time on stage approached.

We took some pictures as we arrived.

concert 5

concert 3

And Anna requested a picture with her teacher, "Mr." Lee. I wrote about was a wonderful teacher he is for Anna back here.

concert 4

Abigail was ancy during the concert and then at the very last song when she finally stopped moving she fell asleep in daddy's arms.

concert 2

concert 1

And then on to dance. Abigail is so young and little to be doing this but she's so darn cute too! She was given a second grader to follow. And she does her best to follow her.

dance 2

dance 3

dance 4

I love this one, the way Abigail is looking at her feet and trying her very best!

dance 5

Anna has been dancing at the Christmas and Easter Masses for several years and feels quite comfortable.

dance 1

Ahh, Saturday was done.

And on Sunday I taught my last religious education class of the cutest third graders for this year. We hung out at home (okay, well Scott repaired and painted our kitchen ceiling, mowed the lawn, changed the gas tank on the snow blower) and we all made and decorated Christmas cookes!  It was a great weekend.  I love my life. 

Cookies and recipes to come tomorrow...

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