Wednesday, December 7, 2011

There's Nothing Like Christmas in NYC ~ part 2

Things to do in NYC at Christmastime:

Two ~ Take your kids to see Santa at Bloomingdale's. 

This year we had a bit of a delima on our hands.  You see our special tickets to Radio City Music Hall included a family picture with Rockette or Santa.   Our 'love all the glitz and glamor' 8 year old wanted her picture with a Rockette and our 'the magic is in  Santa' wanted her picture with Santa. 

So we had to find another Santa.  Scott did a bit of research online and found that Bloomingdale supposedly had "the best" in the city.  They were right. 

My pictures are terrible... please excuse them.  I was in the presence of 'the REAL Santa.'  I'm oh so picky about Santa.  The suit has to be just right, He has to be kind of short and fat.  And old.  This one wasn't old enough but his for real magic made up for it!

He was enchanting (that's a word I'll be using a lot in my NYC posts).  He had just the right laugh and he spent over 15 minutes with my girls.  Did you hear that?  15 long, magical, wonderful minutes.  Not 45 seconds like everywhere else.  15 whole minutes is a long time!  He alone was worth the 2 hour drive from CT!  He made them feel and acted like HE was waiting to see THEM!  He told them they looked so beautiful.  He asked Anna how old she was...


Santa:  "Well then... you must be in the third grade.  Ho, ho, ho.  How's the reading going? What do you like to read these days? "

Anna was shocked as you can see in the pictures.  And he didn't pull our timid 8 year old on his lap.  He seemed to know that they were more comfortable standing.  The REAL ONE I tell you! 

Santa:  "What's your name?"

Abigail:  "Abigail"  (all cute and very shy)

Santa:  "Well darling Abigail... how old are you?"

Abigail:  "4"

Santa:  "What's the BEST part of being 4?"

I had to whisper her an idea...

Abigail:  "preschool!"

Santa:  "Ho, ho, ho... well that's wonderful!  What do you like to do at preschool?"

Abigail:  "Play with my friends."

And on and on it went.  I had tears in my eyes, and Scott had a huge smile across his face! 

santa 1

He told them a story about Christmas eve.  He was animated and joyful as my girls stood there stiff and in shock!

santa 2

He did a little magic trick with a light in his gloves. 

He took his time and had us ALL convinced in the magic of Christmas and Santa.  When we were ready to leave he truned to Scott and said (I got the chillls for this one)

Santa: "My, you've grown!  The last time I saw you, you were a little boy!  Ho, ho, ho.  No more cars and trucks for you this Christmas!" 

I wish I could have taken a picture of Scott's face.  We were all so delighted. 

Thank you Santa! 

santa 3

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  1. Wow!!
    I have chills too!
    That is a story to treasure and one I'm sure will never be topped!
    have a happy night tara


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