Thursday, December 22, 2011

No Matter What

Just three days before Christmas.  Just two days before a big dinner party.  While my dining room looked like this...


And my gifts were all wrapped... (Santa ones out of sight of course)



And my cute little wrapping "center" all finished for the season....


And their white leotards, skirts, and tights hanging and ready to go to Christmas Eve mass...


And two silk Christmas dresses ironed and stuffed with white tissue paper to prevent wrinkles


THIS happened to my kitchen. 


I thought this would be 'the year'.  The one where everything was done waaaay ahead of time.  The one where I could actually do my nails before Christmas Eve in the car on the way to church.  The one where I could feel relaxed. 

And so came the ceiling in my kitchen.  A bathroom leak and a gush of water changed all of that.  All of my ideas of 'the one....' 

And do you know what?  It doesn't matter.  I should have known.  No matter how organized.  No matter that most of the gifts were bought before Halloween; I should know by now that things happen.  Good thing everything else was done!

Ugly ceiling leak or not, Christmas will come, and I will enjoy it.  My girls will only be 8 and 4 one Christmas.  I will never get it back. 

Ugly ceiling or not a tiny baby was born to save us.  Jesus came that we may have life, and have to the full.  John 10:10

So ceiling, you didn't win.  You'll be fixed another day, but not today! 

And while ceiling dust settled over ever surface of my house I can still have a beautiful Christmas.

No matter what!

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  1. Amen! Love the attitude and great job getting everything done ~ you deserve a pat on the back for that! Hope you Christmas was magical!