Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Anna's Interview


Turning eight "and a half" made Anna happy.  I took a few minutes this weeknd to capture some of her favorites.  I think I'll never forget... but just in case I do...

favorite color:  gold
favorite food:  avacado
favorite outfit:  turtleneck and leggings
faovirite lunchbox:  mac and cheese and chicken
favorite movie:  Tangled
favorite song:  bebe song (don't ask)
special friends:  Cathy, Lisa, Aileen, Lily, Margaux, Juliannah, Leah
best part of school:  playing with friends
books I like:  Rainbow Magic (yuck)
favorite holiday:  Christmas
best part of coming home from school:  advent calendars
what makes me happy:  Abigail, weebees
things I like to do after school:  play with Abigail
favorite season:  winter
sport I play: tennis
something I'm good at:  art and reading
my favorite place in the house:  my room
best part of being with daddy:  playing games
when I grow up:  I want to be a snow fairy. 
places I like to go:  New York City

And there you have it... she's silly, she shy, she's funny, she's serious, she's so much rolled into one terrific daughter.  She's 8 1/2 !!! 

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  1. So sweet! Moments to treasure always :-) Have a great week!



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