Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Great teachers

"Mr. Lee"  as Anna calls him is her viola teacher.  When she started Sazuki viola at the beginning of Kindergarten Anna had a different teacher but the program changed things around a bit and "Mr. Lee" was brought into the Hartt school as a teacher.  So for 2 full school years now Anna has been under the direction of this one very special teacher.  I knew he would be that one very special teacher right from the start.  When Anna hid from him at each lesson from September to December and he just waited, I knew.  When she was desperately afraid of this new situation he was patient.  When she showed all of the signs of PTSD with him, he encouraged.  He has been kind, enthusiastic, and a perfect picture of high expectations and caring.  I am so very grateful.

Here Anna is in June at Flatbread Pizza, playing to raise money for the Japan earthquake victims.  I was so very proud of her.  This was "not the normal" Wednesday routine and she took a deep breath and did it.  I was so happy for her.


This one is blurry and isn't a great picture of her teacher but I adore how Anna is looking up at him.

I love how this shows him checking in on her; giving her the bit of reassurance that she needed that night playing in front of a full restaurant. 



I am so grateful for great teachers in Anna's life.  I could write about so many of them.  Each one helping to shape her life. 


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  1. Hey Tara..

    Love these pictures of Anna... especially the last one. I'm sure you notice as well, but lately I am seeing her inside smile... not the "mom says to smile" smile. Look at her eyes.. Obviously this teacher is special because she is smiling on the inside. Makes an aunt and sister in law happy :) Totally cried with this one :) have a great day!