Friday, December 9, 2011

Favorite Photo Friday ~ There's Nothing Like Christmas In NYC ~part 4

I'll get to my favorite photo in just a sec but first....

Things to do in NYC at Christmas:

Five ~  Go to the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular

I went as a girl with my parents and brothers.  I went as an in love with Scott young college girl, but to go with my OWN little family... ohhh, ahhh! 

show 1

We had our picture taken with a Rockette before the show.  Abigail had just woken up and never seems to look at the camera, but Anna held out her dress for the picture and then the photographer came over and told her she was blocking the Rockette's leg (heaven forbid...) so she's a little shocked here too.  It really was a thrill!  (ps~ can you believe that we carried the girls patten leather maryjanes all day so they could be all dressed up for the show? I'm that crazy!)

show 7

I only snapped a few during the show since I didn't want to watch the show through my camera lens.  Abigail sat on my lap the whole time and soaked in every minute.  Anna wished the show lasted longer.  I know she loved the Rockettes the best!

show 2

show 3

show 4

show 5

Abigail is still talking about how her dress matched the Rockettes and Anna's too!

show 6

Things to do in NYC at Christmas:

Six ~ Rockefeller Center

After the show we walked over to see the tree in Rockefeller Center.  This is my favorite photo Friday:

roc cen 2

The twinkle in Anna's eyes.  This is Christmas!  She was sitting on a ledge in Rockefeller Center, her back to the Rocker feller tree, staring at the window displays at Saks Fifth Avenue. 

roc cen 1

roc cen 8

roc cen 7

roc cen 6

roc cen 5

roc cen 4

roc cen 3

And back at the parking garage after a long day the girls started twirling.  Getting their energy out before our car ride home. 

twirling 1

twirling 2

twirling 3

twirling 4

twirling 5

twirling 6

twirling 7

twirling 8

What a wonderful day trip we had!

Now off to tackle the huge to do list this weekend.  I feel like I've been in Christmas la la land since Thanksgiving.  Decorating every inch of my house, this trip, lots of little fun things.  It's time for me to actually get some things done.  There are cards to get out, cookies to bake, a Christmas Eve event to plan, many presents still to buy, many more to wrap, liturgical dance rehearsals to attend, costumes to find and buy, a viola concert, a preschool Christmas concert, Scott's CT State First year Principal of the year event, just to name a few.  Add that on top of mommy's already full days of girls, house, cleaning, laundry and cooking and I've got to get some sleep and get started!  Have a wonderful Christmas weekend everyone!


  1. I really wish we weren't so far away from NYC! This looks like a whole adventure my girls would love. Can't believe you did all that in a day.:) Janey is home sick today so my few shopping errands will be put on hold. I will probably just clean and check and recheck my every growing to-do list!!:)
    have a happy day tara and get a lot done!

    i soooooo would have carried around those shoes too!;)

  2. I hope to see NY during Christmas time. Great pictures and what a beautiful favorite photo.

  3. I would love to be in NYC this time of year! You took some wonderful shots, wish I were there!

  4. How magical! I have seen that Rockettes show- it is AWESOME!!! Something the girls won't ever forget for sure!

  5. Oh how lucky you all are! I've always wanted to see Christmas in New York with the Rockettes! Looks like so much fun! Have a wonderful week!



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