Thursday, December 15, 2011

Crazy Week

What a week it has been. I know we're all there right now. It's past the warm and fuzzy part and down to business... the business of making it all happen. Really checking the list to make sure I have it all, cards in the mail, teachers gifts all set, and on and on and on.

In the midst of it all we've all had a bad cold (or one of us at a time that is) since Thanksgiving. Abigail's started on Thanksgiving weekend and after visiting the pediatrician we found out she has an ear infection and sinus infection. Thank goodness for antibiotics... hopefully she'll be better by this weekend.

Both girls are dancing at Mass on Christmas Eve. Well, Anna actually dances and Abigail just copies the girl in front of her. She really can't do it at all but my little size 2...  4 1/2 year old looks darling in her all white. It should be fun to watch. My only worry is that she'll call out to me from on the alter. I've got to video her!

Anyway, truly running around like crazy and wrapping till late int he night hoping that this year I won't have to wrap at all Christmas week.

One thing that helps is walking by our living room. It's ready for Santa for sure! It makes me smile when I peek in. I though you might like to too!


If there was an interview for marrying me one of the most important questions would have been... "so, how do you do your Christmas lights?" I'm seriously picky about those lights. Good thing Scott passed the test!

This is our "not really kids tree". We started a Christopher Raddko ornament collection when we received this one as a gift. His ornaments are works of art and seriously sparkle.


Slowly my collection grew. I love the story behind these German ornaments. He was a young man, an artist when he broke his Grandmothers box of German hand blown ornaments. So, he set out to recreate them. Now his German, hand blown, hand painted ornaments are all over the world.


I love this one from my Mother in law because it looks just like our church!



We've purchased the one he creates each year of Celebrate Adoption. Oh, and our angel on top is Chinese.  Anna thinks it's just about the dumbest angel ever!  "Everyone knows that Angels don't have Chinese dresses and dark hair... duh!" 


Love this too. You can't see it but that top card says, "For my Wife". It's 16 years old this year and so are all of the cards in that little stack all tide up with a bow. I cherish these cards because they were from our first Christmas married. I love to read the sweet sentiments inside... "enjoy your first Christmas as Mr. and Mrs."




And there you have it, my little living room peek. I hope you're all enjoying your Christmasy week!

"Children need Christmas trees, and not artificial ones either. The artificial one have no fragrance, and some of them play tunes, which is dreadful to think of." Gladys Taber

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  1. What a beautiful living room! Your tree is amazing, I dont know that I have ever seen those type of ornaments before, love them. The first thing I noticed was the angel on top:)
    I'm sure you are like me, we try so hard to have all the "stuff" done before the girls are out of school so we can focus on them and keep up with all that having them home brings!!:) Hope this last day is super productive for you!!
    have a happy day tara


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