Monday, November 23, 2015

Christmas In New York City

This weekend we had our 20th Annual "Christmas Get Away Weekend"  (more about how the Getaway weekends started back here)

Now in 2011 (four years ago) Anna was exactly Abigail's age this Christmas.  She was the third grader and Abigail was my preschooler.  Our Christmas Getaway that time was New York City.  We couldn't afford to stay over but we made a day of it.  (you can see the start of those posts back here) (okay, I just looked back... Abigail had baby cheeks and their coats... I miss those coats)

Ever since then I've wanted to do Christmas in New York again.  And go to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular with the Rockettes.  So we waited til it was just the right year.  And this was it.

We bought our tickets way back and looked forward to surprising our girls.  (that's back here)

We stayed at the Novotel (we love hotwire) and this is Anna on top of the building.  There was a patio overlooking Times Square.

(oh, and the very best photo I took on the whole trip was the very first one. Should have locked my camera in that hotel safe and been free the rest of the weekend)


I adore New York City. We are two hours from NYC and two hours from Boston. I am through and through a NYC girl. Don't know my way around Boston and only NYC gives me heart flutters every single time.

But Times Square, although really cool, it not my favorite part.

2 collage

Can you imagine how much it costs to be at this hotel on New Years Eve? Can't imagine.


4 5 collage

Right up there (where the Toshiba sign is) is where the ball drops


And this is as close as I'd ever want to get to that ball dropping night. I prefer my jammies and hot tea on the couch.


After checking out our hotel our plan was to walk to Central Park. Found this along the way. I thought it was perfect considering all that is going on in our world right now.


If you go to NYC, promise me you'll take a carriage ride through Central Park. We only do the Carriage ride at Christmas time. If we did it every time it would loose it's magic.


And it sure is magical




Yes, I bought the hat just for that photo.



The sun was just perfect making the trees glisten.




I know this next one is blurry but I had to take it, remembering our visit there for tea in April.



The horses name was Barney and our driver was from Ireland. And he was delightful.


So much more to share with you... tomorrow.

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  1. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for bringing this amazing trip to us....we dream of this...and now can see it and live it through your amazing photos. And love!!!!


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