Thursday, November 5, 2015

Abigail's Face

These pictures are here because this is real life. Something we're going through. They're not pretty. Sorry for that.

Part of me wants to document all of this so that we can look back with Abigail and say, "look what God has done. He healed you faster with that last medicine than the doctor said you would." or "remember when you went through that?"

The other part of me wants to put this here because I'd really like you to add Abigail to your list of prayers. And me, for patience and peace as we wait.

Here's the story.

1. May ~ Last May I noticed a rash on Abigail's face. It was small. Kids get rashes. They can come and go. No worries.

2. June ~ Now it's June and it's growing. Maybe (but still not worried) I should take her to the pediatrician to get checked or get some sort of cream to put on it.



3. June ~ The paediatrician was SURE it was a very common rash. He said it would quickly go away with this cream. A steroid cream.

4. July (early) ~ The rash completely healed up. Gone. Great! Off that steroid cream.

5. July (mid) ~ It's back and wow! Waaaay worse. I'd better get back to the pediatrician and see what they say.


6. "Hmmmmmm. I think it'll clear up with an oral antibiotic. This must just be a really stubborn case.

7. July (mid ish) ~ Cleared up and gone. Perfect! We've got some traveling to do.

8. July (end) (on our trip) ~ Anna landed in a clinic for a different weird rash and the dr in the middle of no where took one look at Abigail and prescribed another cream and said it would clear up.


9. August (early) (on our trip) ~ The cream starts working! All gone ... again!

10. August (late) ~ Home and the rash is back and waaaay worse. Back to the pediatrician. Who prescribes this. And tells me to make an appointment with a dermatologist. (like, I have no idea how to help you further) Except when I called the dermatologist we got an November 30th appointment!


11. September through mid October ~ on and off of the new prescription. When she's on it, it goes complelty away. As SOON as she's off it, it's back. Sigh.





12. October (mid) ~ I get smart and take her to an allergist.


Maybe she's allergic to something else that he can help us with. He here it comes... ready?

All of the other doctors and ALL of the other oral and topical prescriptions have made this rash way worse. In fact it's caused by steroids. (the prescriptions I was putting on her) With a new diagnosis (thank heavens) we have a new treatment plan.

Here's the hard part.

The new topical does not help take away the rash or ease the discomfort. In fact it just lets is fester, so to speak. And for the next 12 weeks it should slowly clear her up. But meanwhile...

1. The medicine stings, burns, hurts. Moves her to tears (I got it in a paper cut so I can tell you it stings.

2. It needs to go on twice a day (ouch)

3. It leaves the skin very tight, dry, flaky.

4. There is a white film that must stay on all day despite how it feels.

5. It causes the skin to get raw and it she even slightly picks at it to get it off.. it bleeds.

6. I can't apply vaseline or aquaphor since this (like all of the prescriptions she's been on and off) will cause it to get worse.


6. I think I already told you this part but ... 12 weeks!



Will you pray for her with me? For patience, for strength, for a fast healing, for wisdom for me and for her doctors.

Yes, I know that this is not life threatening. I know that this WILL not last forever. But this little girl already stuggles with chronic pain becuse of her disease.

Last night in bed she said to me, "mama, I just wish you could bibbity, bobbity, boo this away for me so I could concentrate on my EoE feeling." (the chronic pain she has in her esophogus)


I certainly would have bibbity bobbity booed this away months ago if I could have. "I can't do that sweet girl. But let's pray."

Will you help me to pray for her?


  1. This breaks my heart and I can only imagine how much it hurts you as her mama! Many prayers for your baby girl so she can get back to just being a kid and not have to worry about something so uncomfortable.

  2. My poor Abigail!
    But she is such a trooper...
    She never complains!
    I will pray for her, and for Mommy.
    Love you!!!!!!

  3. Oh sweet Abigail I will be praying for you. Amd Tara my friend I will be praying for you ❤️

  4. Awe, poor Abigail. That's awful. We understand your frustration. One of my girls has three different dermatitis conditions. It's rough. Hang in there. Prayers for Abigail's quick recovery. (And I'd still keep the dermatologist appointment.)

  5. Awh I'm so sorry! I can somewhat relate to this because my younger sister used to be severely allergic to eggs. She brook out the one time so bad we had to rush her to the hospital. I remember watching her suffer and although I know it wasn't as bad as breaking out myself it was still painful,
    She'll be in my prayers!
    ~Hugs from Hayley


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