Monday, November 16, 2015


"Can I read a book to you?" With Viola practice in the background. My normal life.

I record because I know some day I'll think "ohhh she was just so wittle" And because I'll listen to it again and again to her her small voice. Big sister working through a difficult piece with vibratto in the other room... well that's just bonus to me. One that I'll be grateful for is on there in my 'someday.'


  1. I love how enthusiastic Abigail is! :) Such a good out-loud reader (Personally I dislike reading out loud haha) And the song Anna is learning! I remember learning that a few years ago! It was my solo piece! Haha it would be cool to do a duet but i don't play the viola so it would be a key off from her. (It's a difficult piece. She sounds great!)

  2. Oh y how adorable is she. I too love recording my kids telling stories or singing somgs💗