Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Tea at the Plaza... Eloise Style

First of all can I just say how sorry I am that this is going in bits and little chunks. Are you bored to tears yet?

Well after being at Central Park all day it was time to head back to our room to get ready.

I want hair that can look like this after being a pony tail all day. All I did was take out the pony and put a bow in the front!

1 collage

We walked a short block and arrived at the Plaza. See that puppy in her arms? His name is "New York City". She sleeps with him every night. She picked him out way back when she was three

(2011... outside of FAO Schwarz when she picked out "New York City" and obviously had a Popsicle in Central Park that day too) 

on a trip to NYC at the famous FAO Schwarz.. so he had to come. (because we were heading their right after)


If you're ever in NYC... promise me you'll not skip the Plaza. Just to walk up those step and be in the grand lobby.



Just like Eloise



Love her arm in her daddys


Scott and Anna were walking few step ahead and Abigail stood just like this.


I caught the image as she was saying to me, "mama, can I have an Eloise birthday party at our house?"

So I said, "sure, but you have to let me take a few more then for an invitation."




I'm fresh out of time for tonight. My pillow is calling me and that early early alarm. But tomorrow there is not after school activities (can I hear an Amen from the choir?) so I'll have a bit more time.


  1. Tara, I just have no words that are adequate enough to say what I'm feeling!
    These photos!!!
    Your family!
    The love and planning and care behind this...
    I just love.
    I am so happy for all of you!
    And someday I will be there...because you said to!!!

  2. Beautiful pictures! Oh my heart starts beating a little faster as I read these posts just thinking I may be there in a month! I think our little girls would be fast friends if they,lived near one another....I love the idea of an Eloise tea party!!