Friday, November 6, 2015

Ahhh... Friday

So glad to see Friday this week.  You know those weeks when there are a few unexpected bumps in the road makes me really happy for this weekend.  We don't have any big plans... just the usual.  A few ideas for some fun family things on Saturday that we might do.  Or we might not.  (we're so exciting, aren't we?)  And I like Saturday because it's getting ready for Sunday.  I love church.

The light was so pretty as Anna walked home from school through our backyard.  Right home, "and back to me... where she belongs."


We've had some weird weather this week. Really warm. And it's NOVEMBER. I'm looking forward to 55. Perfect temp for this month.


I love the light and how it hits the leaves.


I always want the beginning of this month to slow down.  So much happens in November.  And I know that all of the leaves will be on the ground in a week.  I can't help trying to soak in every minute of their glory.


We had Chicken Pot Pie for dinner. The girls love it best when they can have their own mini pot pie.


We have sooooo much to look forward to, don't we. It makes me giddy really. I like the longer nights. I like the getting dark earlier. I like dreaming of Christmas. I like taking out all of their dresses and planning out each 'occasion'. I force myself not to think about the to do's of the season coming. I just bask in the wonder of it coming.

Wishing you all a glorious November weekend.

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